We help you produce photovoltaic panels more economically with greater agility and higher yields.

We are bringing manufacturing back closer to the end users.

We are helping accelerate the use of solar energy  globally.

Our Solutions


 SOLEAN promotes the industrial and energy revolution to ensure a better future for our earth and future generations.


SOLEAN designs, assembles, supplies and installs solutions for photovoltaic panel assembly.


SOLEAN supports the transfer of the solar industry from centralized mass production to local, agile manufacturing.

Gain customer loyalty, more flexible production and staff efficiency.

Our Market

Solean works with current and future manufacturers of photovoltaic panels.

Our solutions particularly suit projects requiring a wide range of shapes and sizes or photovoltaic panels integrated in buildings.

Combine team work, technology and organization for global, sustainable performance.

Our Team

Arnaud Goy

Co-founder and Director 


Claude Jacquot

Co-founder and President 


Sylvain Basson

Co-founder and I.T. manager


Our Partners

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